What is the purpose of an initial consultation?

At the initial consultation, we will thoroughly review your situation, and you will receive in depth guidance, recommendations and information as to how the law applies to your situation. Our hope is that you will leave the initial consultation much more knowledgeable than when you came in, and that this will help you in making decisions going forward.

Is there any obligation associated with the initial consultation?

No. It is to educate you and it is your choice as to whether you explore working with us further, now or at a future time.

How do I choose the lawyer who is right for me?

That is a very individualized choice. It is best to find a lawyer who has a temperament which agrees with your own and who seems very knowledgeable about the legal aspects of your situation. It is helpful to feel comfortable with your lawyer, and this can be a matter of personalities and demeanor. It is also good to have a lawyer who will be accessible to you, return your calls and emails promptly, who is fair in terms of how they charge for their time and who will explain things to you in a thorough manner. You should feel free to ask the lawyer questions in the initial consultation regarding their background, years of experience and practice areas.

How will my lawyer communicate with me?

In our office, we try to be very accessible to our clients through in person meetings, telephone and email at all times during our case work.

How can I keep my legal fees down?

You can help by organizing your questions for your lawyer so they can be grouped together in phone calls, emails or meetings. You can also reduce your lawyer’s time spent on your case by promptly providing requested written materials and gathering data suggested by your lawyer.

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